"One of the smartest decisions I have made has been obtaining personal training services from Irons Fitness. I have more strength, endurance and energy! I feel Great!" -- Chip, Germantown, MD
"Prior to beginning my personal training, I could not make myself step foot into a fitness center. Now, I feel more confident in my abilities to succeed in doing regular workouts and to keep getting stronger and healthier. I feel great." -- Anu, Potomac, MD
"I have been a client of Paul Davis at Irons Fitness for several years. I sought help originally as I am a runner but tended to ignore the non-running areas of my body. I felt like I had an upper body weakness especially on the left side and noted this mostly when I swam. I work with Paul once or twice a week in addition to my own exercise regimen of running, swimming and cycling. The asymmetry is now gone!
Since starting to train with Paul I have had multiple first place finishes in my age group at several marathons, half marathons, 10k and 5k races because of the core work and balance work we have done."
--Rona Eisen MD

Perfect Pushups at 62

"I am a physician living with multiple sclerosis. I am convinced that working with Irons Fitness has kept me walking. I am stronger, bigger and more flexible. I am enjoying life in a way I never have before." -- John, Bethesda, MD
"Four years after having my son and going past mid 30's, I was struggling with the last 10 pounds and the feeling of being "unfit" in general. I tried many DVD workouts but could not stay motivated enough to do it on my own. Then I discovered Irons Fitness and got paired up with Paul. A few weeks after training, I started to see positive changes. Paul has a gift of keeping me motivated with the exercises and really knows how and when to push the limit. He makes our training session fun but doesn't let things slide easily either. I have gotten many compliments from my friends and co-workers on how much leaner and better looking I have become. I feel stronger, happier and more confident." -- Chanigan, Bethesda
The first time I walked into Irons Fitness I didn't even know how to ask about what they did, that's how little gym experience I had. But here it is 8 months later and I can't believe the progress I've made thanks to Marcia Liegey. Working with a personal trainer is fantastic and I thoroughly enjoy every session. Marcia knows just how far to challenge me, mixes up every workout to keep it interesting and is constantly helping me get to the next level. My strength, stamina and balance have come so far already, and I can tell you it's a huge mental health boost as well. (After a tough day at work, throwing that medicine ball across the room is hugely therapeutic!) The facility is just the right size, the equipment is so varied, and the people are fantastic. And I love that every age and fitness level is welcome and encouraged. Irons Fitness and Marcia changed my life and I'm so glad I found them!
--Zoe Tierney, Maryland
"I am a diabetic and celiac. I began working with Irons Fitness two years ago to improve my blood-glucose control, bone density, muscle strength and flexibility. I have accomplished all of this and more thanks to the exercise routine Nick established for me. With each new workout, I get stronger, feel better and gain energy. Nick made all the difference." -- Debbie, Washington, DC
"I bought a gym membership in the early '80's. I was serious for three months and rarely used it after that. Since starting with Nick, I can happily say for the first time that fitness is an important part of my life." -- Bob, Cabin John, MD
"Training with Nick is a kick! I look forward to our sessions (except for those crunches!). Nick knows how to push without causing injury. He is keenly aware of my limits and is exact with his coaching. Nick helped me set goals and is always encouraging. He is genuinely interested in my progress and keeps me engaged with his good sense of humor. Working out with Nick is never dull. We are focused but we still have fun. You will too!" --Bruce, Bethesda, MD
"I never thought I needed a trainer. I've been going to a gym for 20 years, but then I came to Irons Fitness. I've never felt better or looked better than I do now after working with Paul. I'm faster, stronger and leaner than I've ever been! Paul motivates me and makes me want lift more, run faster each time. I really like being accountable for my workout routines; Paul pushes me and he always celebrates my successes -- lifting more weight, a faster time, a better biometric or pushing through a barrier. I can see the results of my workouts in my cycling, skiing and other activities. What I'm doing at Irons Fitness is making me more energetic and confident in the rest of my life. At 48 years old, I look in the mirror after 10 months with Irons Fitness and I really like what I see. -- Steve, Bethesda, MD
"Sure it is nice to be healthier, but what I really love are my biceps!" -- Joe, Washington, DC
"I love being able to run with my three grandchildren at the park. Or to put on ballet 'performances' where my role always seems to be 'the prince' lifting my 30 pound granddaughter over my head endlessly. Or to crawl with them through the "giant caterpillar" obstacle course at the gym. Without Nick to give me the most intense, fun and safe workouts, I know this sixty-six year old grandmother would only be able to watch from afar." -- Connie, Bethesda, MD
"Nick was recommended to me by a friend who knew I wanted to begin strength training while I was recovering from surgery following a broken leg. Other trainers I'd investigated knew little to nothing about the special needs of a client with MS. Nick does. I've become stronger than I ever thought I could be with his help." -- Judy, Alexandria, VA
"As my personal trainer, Nick is just as steadfast as when he swam the Mississippi River." -- Steven, Bethesda, MD
"I have been working with Nick for about 6 months. He is absolutely terrific. Motivates with just the right degree of pressure. Puts together a program that is tailored to what I want and need. Carefully works around bad backs and knees. When I skied this winter I was ache-free for the first time in years. What a difference the training made. And he makes it fun. The best trainer by far." -- Sheila, Bethesda, MD
"He swam on Boston College's varsity swim team for four years and a few years later, decided he wanted to raise awareness and money for MS by swimming the length of the Mississippi River. 'Why not?' Not too long after, he decided to bike the US, again to benefit and raise awareness for MS. 'Why not?' He had never organized a fund-raiser in his life before he began his long swim, but that 'Why not?' attitude and his personal drive to succeed made these two accomplishments raise funds and awareness far beyond his expectations. Those feats impressed me. Nick Irons has learned a lot about the power of setting goals and he shares those lessons through a fun, positive and anecdotal approach to fitness and well-being. It is a great blend for me and it works!" -- Peg, Gaithersburg, MD
"I am grateful for Nick's training that not only builds my physical strength but has given me mental toughness and confidence. I have had amazing results physically and mentally and I now look forward to my work-outs.

Nick's support in the gym and his nutritional tips in his online newsletter keep my discipline up and mental attitude sharp! Nick sticks with his clients to make sure they succeed and he has been a miracle in my life." -- Kai, McLean, VA
"Nick's positive energy is inspirational and helps me enjoy my workouts. He customizes each session to address my toughest challenges and really cares about his clients' well-being. Time flies working out with Nick!" -- Joy, Bethesda, MD

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